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"Being a Mason doesn't make you better than everyone else. It just makes you a better you."

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25th Masonic District of Florida



The Master Mason Association of the 25th District of Florida is recognized by the Grand Lodge of Florida and it is managed by Master Masons from the 25th Masonic District in Florida. The main objective of the association is to bring together the members of the 9 Masonic Lodges in the district.


25th Masonic District

Officers 2021:

  • President: R∴W∴ Michael Gambarrotti

  • Vice-President: W∴ Matthew Johnson

  • Treasurer: W∴ Mark Angstrom

  • Secretary: W∴ Allan Mason

Board of Directors:

  • W∴ Salvatore Musumeci

  • W∴ Al Flores

  • W∴ Rosaire Badger

  • W∴ Bruce Leffler

The 25th Masonic District in Florida consists of the following Blue Lodges:



Boca Raton



West Palm Beach

Lake Worth

West Palm Beach


Lake Worth

West Palm Beach

Garden Lodge N.366

Palmwood Lodge N.303

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